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What are 2 vital considerations for finding Hotels in Central Rome?

  • Firstly, do you have an idea of which area you would like to stay in, what that area offers, and does it meet your requirements? My Rome area guide can help you.

  • Once you know which area/areas you would like to stay in how do you find the best price? Aha! This is my area of expertise. My page on explains what TripAdvisor is and how you can get the most out of this Hotel search tool.

Hotels in Central Rome: Center or suburbs?

If you are thinking about staying outside of the city center you may want to reconsider. In my experience the advantages of staying close to the Rome tourist attractions and nightlife far outweigh staying in the suburbs.

I can't emphasize enough how much time and money you save by being close to the tourist attractions, monuments, restaurants, nightlife etc. It's also true that one's experience of Roman life and culture can vary greatly depending on which area of Rome you stay in.

If you do find yourself staying outside of Rome center and don't have your own transport make sure you are near to a Rome Metro or other public transportation.


Hotels in Central Rome: When to go?

hotels in central rome

April, May, June, September and October (and also Christmas, New year and Easter) are considered high season by most hotels in Rome. Bearing in mind July and August are when Italians migrate to the coast.

So, surprisingly, bargains are to be had during Summer, and especially August; if you can stand the heat of Rome of course!


Hotels in Central Rome: Norms, tipping etc.

The following norms are also true in Rome:

  • Bellboys expect tips.
  • Phone calls made from your room will have hefty surcharges added.
  • Cost of drinks from the mini-bar will be expensive

Additional considerations for hotels in central Rome:

  • If there is parking you will most likely have to pay for it.
  • Hotels in Italy by law must register you with the police. For this they will take your passport for a little while and return it to you a little later. (Really just a formality.)
  • Note: Everyone in Italy is required to carry some form of identification.


Hotels in Central Rome: What should I check?

For budget hotels (some 3 stars, and most 2 stars or less) these are some questions you may want to ask:

  • Is there air-conditioning/heating for summer/winter?

  • What are the size and condition of the beds?

  • What floor are you on, and is there a lift in the hotel? (There are many old buildings in central Rome and few of these have lifts.)

For All hotels in central Rome:

hotels in central rome breakfast
  • Is breakfast included in the price?

  • Of what does breakfast consist? Fruit, cereals, cold meats, bacon and eggs? (Remember that a Romans breakfast usually consists of an Espresso and a Croissant.) It's true, however, that breakfast in Roman hotels is improving after decades of grumbling foreigner's tummies!

  • Is the room quiet? Is it adequately soundproofed? Does it face a noisy road or square? You may want to consider asking for a room that does not face a main road.

  • Is there any renovation work happening on, in or near the hotel?

  • If you are traveling by car you would want to enquire as to whether the hotel has parking.

  • Does the bathroom have a bath or a shower?

  • What are the sizes of the rooms? Room sizes vary considerably in Rome hotels, and sometimes even in the same building. Many hotels occupy historic building which have not been purpose built.

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