Trip Advisor and Central Rome Hotels

* Update: It has been almost 2 years since I wrote this Central Rome Hotels Page so I thought an update would be advantageous to those researching Rome accommodation.

Based on my own personal experience, and feedback from my website visitors, the 2 biggest assets for Rome accommodation searches are and Tripadvisor. are (in my opinion) the most professional and reliable online accommodation bookers and have the easiest website to navigate and perform searches based on a user's requirements.
Tripadvisor are a wealth of information when it comes to visitor reviews and the ability to compare prices.

The best is to do your own research and compare prices (and reviews) on all three Hotel search engines.

What is Trip Advisor?

Trip Advisor is an accommodation search engine that searches and compares prices of central Rome hotels or hotels anywhere in the world for that matter.

You may have already heard of companies like,, orbitz, priceline etc. these companies are great because they reduce your work load massively! They partner with hundreds of hotels in major cities throughout the world and offer you a variety of options, locations and hotel prices in the city you require.

And Trip Advisor, what do they do? takes it one great step further!

They search and compare ALL these companies for their best deals and then return THE best prices from all these companies for an array of hotels in your required location!

TIP: Click through individual prices for more offers...

How can I use Trip Advisor?

Here are some ways you can search for central Rome hotels, or for that matter, hotels anywhere in the world:

  1. You can do a general city search ex. Rome, and then narrow your search from there, according to your requirements. Search for Central Rome Hotels.

  2. (Will come later.) Once you have a better idea of which area in Rome you would like to stay in (see my Rome area guide) then you can do a Rome hotel search by the areas and tourist attractions of central Rome ex. Trastevere, Pantheon, near the Colosseum etc. (still working on this! Phew!)

  3. If you have already done some research on hotels in Rome then you can enter the name into the Individual Hotel Search and see how your price compares to that of HotelsCombined.

  4. Of course Trip Advisor is not only for Central Rome hotels you can also use it to Compare Hotel Prices Throughout Italy.

  5. And use it to Compare Hotel Prices Anywhere in the World.

How do I optimize my search?

Once your search results have been returned you can further optimize according to

  • Price (from cheapest)
  • Rating (also see the reviews, they are a good resource)
  • Luxury - Stars
  • You can also enter further requirements in the left column ex. Gym, Internet, Parking etc.

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