Public transportation in Rome Italy: Tips and Advice.

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Public transportation in Rome: Ticket types

Tickets for the Metro, Buses, Electric Buses and Trams are all the same and can be bought from Tobacconists (T-tabaccheria), Metro stations, Automatic ticket machines in the stations and from some newsstands. (Remember tickets cannot be bought on public transport.)

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Ticket prices start from €1 with the "BIT" ticket valid for 75 minutes or maximum 2 trips i.e. Bus and Metro, or tram and bus. Remember it can only be stamped once in the Metro so if you exit the Metro you will have to purchase another ticket.

You can also buy a 4 Euro ticket called "BIG" which is valid the whole day; an 11 Euro tourist ticket called "BTI" valid for 3 days from time of 1st use, and a 16 Euro ticket called "carta settimanale" valid for 1 week from time of 1st use.

Note: You can buy the Roma Pass for 25 Euros which gives you free transport for 3 days and free entry into sites and museums. For more about the Roma Pass visit facts about rome italy (opens new window.)


How to use the automatic machines:

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  1. First select your language from the monitor.

  2. Decide on which ticket (BIT, BIG, BTI or "carta settimanale") you wish to purchase. Press the corresponding button.

  3. A purchase amount will be shown. Pay either by coins (top right), notes (right) or card (left). The machine gives change.

  4. rome public transportation
  5. Collect your ticket from the dispenser.

  6. Tickets (for the metro only) must be inserted arrow up horizontally into the machines, the stamped ticket will pop out at the top and the gate will open.

  7. Note: Green arrows below the machines signify that the machine is in operation.


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