Where to stay in Rome? The Rome Italy Map and area summaries below will help!

I often hear of people booking vacations in Rome without knowing whether the area they will be staying in may fulfil their holiday needs. The Rome Italy Map and Rome area articles below will help you make an informed decision regarding your start point for touring Rome...

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The areas can be divided into 2 types:

  • Zones of major Rome tourist attractions with Accommodation

  • The Historic Zones of Rome - no Accommodation

Historic zones of central Rome with accommodation
(Each area has it's own dedicated page and map):

The Vatican City Rome Area

walking tours in rome italy

While this area is dominated mostly by the Vatican City and Castel St. Angelo there are areas (upstream of the Vatican and Castel St Angelo) to search for your Rome Vacation Rentals.

Not a pedestrian friendly area with few green areas or roads closed to traffic. Finding parking is a challenge and traffic is intense.
Plenty of commercial outlets and opportunities to shop. Staying here has the benefits of proximity to the Vatican City, Castel St. Angelo and the two Metro stops.

For more info on the Vatican city Rome area, when to go, what to do, plus a detailed street map of the Vatican City area, see our dedicated page: the Vatican City Rome.

The Trastevere and Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo) Area

trastevere at night

Trastevere from Latin meaning "beyond the Tiber" is one of my favorite areas of Rome. This old, lively and beautiful suburb of Rome has many roads closed to traffic. Discovering new sights and Rome tourist attractions by foot is a pleasure. I don't mind getting lost in the streets of Trastevere.

Fine restaurants, wine bars, cafes and pubs are abound. Nightlife is exciting and opportunities are plentiful to watch Italians exercising "Bella figura" - a performance to emphasize beauty and aesthetics. Even if areas like 'Campo dè Fiori' and 'Pantheon' are only minutes away by foot there are plenty of buses trams and taxis to ferry tourists across the Tiber.

Janiculum hill(really an extension of Trastevere) is where you can enjoy some of the most panoramic views of Rome. On most days you can also see the hills of the Castelli Romani on the far side of Rome.

Area of Piazza del Popolo
and the Spanish Steps Rome Italy (Piazza di Spagna)

Shopping! Hold onto your wallet! Via del Corso running from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza Venezia, and Via Condotti running from the Spanish steps to Via del Corso, are home to the biggest Italian brands. All to tempt you away from the 'serious business' of touring Rome.

It's also helped by the fact that many streets (including Via Condotti and a portion of Via del Corso) are closed to most traffic. Only taxis and electric buses venture amongst the mass of tourists

If you feel like a break from the fast pace of Rome then the beautiful tranquil and close by Villa Borghese, is the right tonic.

the spanish steps

The Spanish Steps is a pricier area with plenty of luxury Rome hotels to choose from. Via del Babuino, which runs towards Piazza del Popolo, has antiquity shops, bars and restaurants. The area is not particularly known for it's nightlife.

There are two nearby Rome subway stops: Flaminio and Spagna.

For more info about the Popolo area see my dedicated page on Piazza del Popolo. For more about the Piazza di Spagna area see my dedicated page about the Spanish Steps.

Via Veneto Rome Area
(above Quirinal on the Rome Italy map)

"See and be seen!" Elegant and expensive, I wouldn't suggest a Google search for "budget hotel Rome" here. Extensively filmed by Italian director Fellini for his famous movie "La Dolce Vita."

Via Veneto is central and well serviced by public transport, including the Rome Metro at Piazza Barberini. For more info visit my dedicated page on the Via Veneto Rome area.

Area of the Trevi Fountain Rome Italy (Fontana di Trevi)

Italy's most famous fountain and celebrated in "La Dolce Vita" when Anita Ekberg bathed in the Trevi fountain. Legend has it that by throwing a coin over your shoulder into the fountain you're assured to visit the Eternal City again. True or not the City of Rome thank you, because thousands of Dollars go into the Public coffers daily.

The Trevi Fountain is central and well connected by public transport.
There is a good selection of restaurants, however like the Spanish steps and Piazza del Popolo, nightlife is not that active and most head towards Trastevere, the Roman Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Campo dè Fiori areas.
For more info visit my page on the Trevi Fountain Rome area.

Ancient Roman Pantheon Area (Piazza della Rotonda)

roman pantheon at night

Most major Rome tourist attractions like the ancient Roman Colosseum, Trevi fountain, ancient Roman Forum, and the ancient Roman Pantheon are within walking distance. This is a great starting point for those eager to stretch the legs.

Many roads are blocked to traffic so touring Rome and the narrow streets surrounding the Ancient Roman Pantheon is a pleasure. Nightlife is good; pubs, restaurants and cafes are plentiful.

There is no Metro stop close to the Pantheon area however it is still well connected with public transport. Only the small electric buses are able to travel the narrow streets. The closest Rome Metro station will be either Spagna (by the Spanish Steps) or Piazza Barberini (Via Veneto) and could be as much as a 15 minute walk away.
For more see my the dedicated page on the Pantheon area.

Rome Piazza Navona Area

piazza navona in rome

Like Trastevere and Campo dè Fiori, Piazza Navona is an exciting area to explore. Narrow streets are filled with antiquities, art, crafts, cafes, and restaurants. Something interesting greets you around every corner.

Along with the Piazza di Campo dè Fiori, Piazza Navona is one of Rome' busiest squares, and active both day and night. Nightlife is exciting with plenty of choices. There is no Metro close at hand but there are other transport options like the handy little electric buses. The area is very central and most of Rome's biggest tourist attractions are in any case within walking distance.

Campo dè Fiori (Along the Tiber on the Rome Italy Map)

A pedestrian friendly area. Everything beautiful and interesting about Rome seems to culminate here. The Piazza di Campo de Fiori (the square of Campo dè Fiori) is particularly lively and even more so in the evenings. Along with Trastevere and Piazza Navona this is one of my favorite areas of Rome.

The nightlife in Campo de Fiori is excellent plus most Rome tourist attractions, and the Tiber and Trastevere, are just a short stroll away. This is a great starting point for touring Rome.

Quirinal (Quirinal Repubblica area)

park in quirinal

The highest and most voluminous of the seven hills of Rome. Here is where the Italian prime minister resides, but besides that the area is still charming and worth discovering ;-)

The Quirinal Repubblica area is very "green" with many beautiful and relaxing parks, it's also central and there are many opportunities for your Rome Vacation Rentals. The area bordering Esquilino (see the Rome Italy Map) is where most of the restaurants, pubs and nightlife happens. Termini Station, the main transport junction for Rome, is close at hand.
You will find more info on the Quirinal Repubblica page.

Esquilino and St. Maria Maggiore

Esquilino lacks the variety and Roman authentic feel of other the Rome central areas. Some parts can be a little seedy, especially the section nearest Termini Station. There is a good covered market at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. The area has many immigrants and some good foreign restaurants. Termini station is also close at hand.
For more info visit Esquiline and Santa Maria Maggiore.

San Giovanni in Laterano

san giovanni basilica

The San Giovanni area is more open and spacious than most Rome areas however it's on the 'wrong side' of Rome and a bit far from most Rome tourist attractions. Walking from here is not really an option and you will have to rely on Rome public transport.

The Rome Metro is alongside San Giovanni Basilica - a beautiful building, the oldest Western Basilica and considered the head of all the churches of the world. Find out more at the dedicated page on the San Giovanni area.

Aventine hill (Aventino)

Aventine hill (Aventino) is a very rich quiet suburb and possibly an option if you want your Rome accommodation beyond the frenetic pace of Rome. There is very little in Aventine in the line of nightlife or activities, for this you need to head down to Testaccio, Campo de Fiori or across the river to Trastevere.
The 2nd best views of Rome are to be had from Parco Savello by S.Sabina monastery, and not to forget, the famous view of St Peter's cathedral through the keyhole is right next door.

The historic zones:

(Updated regularly.)
  • Venice Square, Capitoline Hill (Piazza Venezia, Capitolino) and Piazza del Campidoglio. Info about Capitoline Hill and Capitoline museum.
  • The Ancient Roman Forum (Fori Romani). Information about the including a Roman Forum map.
  • The Ancient Roman Colosseum (il Colosseo), including facts about the Roman Colosseum, the History of the Roman Colosseum, Roman Colosseum architecture and Colosseum tours.
  • Palatine hill (Palatino). Information about visiting the Palatine area.
  • Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo). The Circus Maximus design and history.

See our Central Rome hotel map for help on choosing a hotel in central Rome.
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Rome Italy Map: Satellite view of the zones of central Rome rome italy map area street map
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