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Distances and Driving Directions in Italy

Tools to calculate driving directions in Italy for any Italian city, town or village plus tables showing Italy driving distances and driving times between major cities:

Driving distances in Italy may be smaller (in comparison to Canada, USA, Australia etc.) but it's more intense, and maintaining one's concentration level on the roads is essential.

Nonetheless my experience of driving in Italy, outside of August and outside the city centers, has been a pleasure. Italy has some of the most dramatic and filmed and photographed scenery in the world, and much of it is off the main tourist routes just waiting to be discovered.

In order to get the most pleasure from my trips around Italy I have 2 rules for myself:

  • I do not drive on the highways of Italy during August - it's the period when most Italians take their Summer vacations. Queues and traffic jams are unavoidable.
  • and if I'm discovering a new Italian city I get to where I need to go, leave the car, and rely on public and other private transport for the duration of my stay.


Below are some tables to help you with distances and driving directions in Italy. The first table shows driving distances between Italian major cities and the 2nd table shows estimated driving times. For cities that are not shown on the table use the special tool for calculating distances and driving directions in Italy.

Italy Driving Distances between the major cities

Distances are in kilometers, you can use the calculator beneath to convert to miles.

  Rome Florenc Venice Milan Turin Parma Naples Genoa Bologn Perugia
Rome    284  544  585  703  470  227  518  389  183
Florence  284    255  296  414  181  487  227  100  163
Venice  544  255    277  437  261  724  407  158  411
Milan  585  296  277    141  125  774  145  219  450
Turin  703  414  437  141    243  893  171  338  569
Parma  470  181  261  125  243    659  215  105  337
Naples  227  487  734  774  893  659    707  579  372
Genoa  518  227  407  145  171  215  707    309  385
Bologna  389  100  158  219  338  105  579  309    256
Perugia  183  163  411  450  569  337  372  385  256  

Italy Driving Times between the major cities

  Rome Florenc Venice Milan Turin Parma Naples Genoa Bologn Perugia
Rome    2h51m  5h28m  5h30m  6h28m  4h24m  2h21m  5h03m  3h46m  2h14m
Florence  2h51m    2h56m  2h58m  3h56m  1h52m  4h29m  2h27m  1h13m  1h50m
Venice  5h28m  2h56m    2h57m  4h12m  2h36m  6h59m  4ho5m  1h54m  4h20m
Milan  5h30m  2h58m  2h57m    1h54m  1h28m  7h08m  1h44m  2h18m  4h28m
Turin  6h28m  3h56m  4h12m  1h54m    2h30m  8h10m  2h01m  3h19m  5h30m
Parma  4h24m  1h52m  2h36m  1h28m  2h30m    6h05m  2h24m  1h14m  3h21m
Naples  2h21m  4h29m  6h59m  7h08m  8h10m  6h05m    6h36m  5h19m  3h47m
Genoa  5h03m  2h27m  4h05m  1h44m  2h01m  2h24m  6h36m    3h11m  4h03m
Bologna  3h46m  1h13m  1h54m  2h18m  3h19m  1h14m  5h19m  3h11m    2h45m
Perugia  2h14m  1h50m  4h20m  4h28m  5h30m  3h21m  3h47m  4h03m  2h45m  

Convert Italy driving distances from Kilometers to Miles:

Convert Kilometers to Miles
 Type in Kilometers  

 Distance in Miles = 

Looking for a city in Italy that's not on my table?

Use the tool below to calculate distances and driving directions in Italy .

Type in any two Italian cities or towns and press 'Go'.
A new page will open showing a map of the relative area of Italy plus a plan of the suggested route you should take. On the left hand side you will see the total distance in kilometers, the distances for all stages and, more importantly, the driving directions in Italy.

Visit Rome car rental and driving directions in Italy for more info about Italy car rental, driving in Italian cities and filling up at the gas stations..

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