The best ways to Travel in Italy and Rome

Travel in Italy outside the cities is one thing, but car travel within Italy city centers is not recommended. The intense traffic, driving habits and limited parking might dampen that well deserved holiday. These articles provide helpful tips and advice about walking, cycling, buses, driving, trams, taxis and Rail travel Italy...

Rail travel Italy

Intercity rail travel in Italy is quick, comfortable and a great way to see the Italian landscape. Trenitalia is the name you will hear. They are the state owned railway company (

There are many options for train travel in Italy, from those that stop at every station (treno locale) to the non-stop Intercity express. Price is usually proportional to speed and comfort.

The Eurostar runs between Naples, Rome, Milan, Venice, Genoa, Bari and Turin. The Eurocity connects Italian cities internationally.


Bus and Coach travel in Italy

This is not my preferred means of transportation in Italy, comparatively speaking, the comfort and price of the trains win for me. Something else to consider is if you are in a group of 2 or more a Rome car Rental will most likely work out cheaper.

The main point of departure in Rome for the long distance coaches is Tiburtina station which can also be reached by Termini line B, direction Rebibbia.

Driving in Rome

If you are planning to spend a couple of days touring Rome you would be well advised to take a break from driving. If you do arrive in Rome by rental car refer to my page about travel in Rome city center and my advice page about driving in Rome.

Car travel in Italy

On the other hand using a car to travel in Italy outside of the centers can be a pleasant and rewarding option and it's something I personally enjoy because so much of what's inspiring about Italy is found off the main routes.

It's worth considering that toll roads and the price of petrol can make car travel in Italy more expensive than bus or train.

For more information and travel tips about driving and renting a car in Italy you can visit the Rome car rental page. You will find tips for securing the best Italy or Rome car rental plus information about travel distances, filling up at the petrol stations and car insurance.

Walking in Rome

walking tours in rome italy

What, touring Rome by walking? No really Rome historic center is not that big and in a city full of history, energy and interesting Italians it's doubtful there will be a dull moment.

I also can't say enough about walking through Rome at night, it's enchanting, the city takes on another persona. Personally I find this one of the most enjoyable things to do in Rome.

Rome city center is also remarkably safe most criminal incidents involve petty theft, and there are few incidences of assault on person. That being said, take precautions as you would in any other large city center in Europe.

There is much advice about crossing roads in Rome, and some Rome travel guides suggest that before you cross the road you should look the approaching driver square and confidently in the eye and walk purposefully into the road!
I would suggest that you rather follow and copy the Romans, at least until you get the hang of it.

Cycling in Rome

I have seen most of Rome by bicycle and in fact the majority of the photos on this web site have been taken on my bike while touring Rome. It's a very quick way to discover the city and there are some fantastic areas to cycle in Rome.

The Tevere (Tiber River) and Villa Borghese are great options and both are so peaceful you wouldn't believe you are in the center of Rome. The Tevere is also a fantastic way to orientate yourself and to see some beautiful Rome attractions from a different perspective.

Public transportation in Rome

Rome Metro, Rome buses and Rome trams:

Public transportation in Rome is cheap compared to most cities in Europe and it allows you to get to most destinations throughout the center. The speed at which you do so is reliant on traffic conditions.

Rome Metro

The quickest way to get around is via the Rome Metro. Unfortunately the Metro at present has only 2 lines, with a 3rd in construction, so there are some central Rome areas (ex. Trastevere, Campo de Fiori and Navona) that are quite a stroll from the nearest Metro station. However there are other options (trams, buses, electric buses and taxis) and areas like Trastevere, Campo de Fiori and Navona, in my opinion, warrant the sacrifice of no close Metro stop for the many pluses that they have.
For more about the areas of Rome visit my Rome area guide.

walking tours in rome italy

You can find out which central Rome areas are close to the Rome Metro with my Rome Metro Map and also information about times, station positions, prices etc. on my dedicated page about the Rome Metro.

Rome buses and trams

walking tours in rome italy

ATAC is the name you will see, they are the Rome public bus and tram company. The system for both buses and trams are identical. For info about times, stops, prices, night buses, a street map of Rome Italy showing the bus and tram routes, visit my dedicated pages on Rome buses and Rome trams.



Rome bus tour for Tourists

tours rome italy

When visiting a city for the first time I enjoy taking the tourist bus. I get a better idea of the layout of the city and it's attractions and plan my travels from there.

My Rome area guide has information on the Central areas of Rome plus each area has a map of the nearest hop on and hop off points for the tourist buses (you can also find a full map of the hop-on-off points at the Rome tour bus page).

Rome taxis

rome taxi sign

Some people love them, some people don't.
I manage to get around just fine in taxis. And if you are in a group of 3 or more it can be cheaper and quicker than finding public transport.

Taxis can be found at the official taxi stands (in front of most Rome tourist spots) or hailed in the street; even though drivers, in theory, are not supposed to stop.
There are surcharges for baggage, night journeys (between 10Pm and 7Am), trips to the airport, Sundays and Public Holidays.

If and when Romans tip their taxi drivers they may round up to the next Euro. Tourists have been more generous and usually tip around 10%.

Remember, official taxis in Rome are white and must have a "taxi" sign on the roof.

See my distances and driving directions in Italy page for more handy information and tools to help you travel in Italy.

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