How do I find the best Italy and Rome Car Rental prices?

Here are some tips on getting the best Italy or Rome car rental deals....

  • Prices are usually cheaper through the internet, the customer shares in the benefit of the lower overhead costs.

  • Where possible plan midweek to midweek trips

  • Book in advance

  • I like to use two internet car rentals "search engines" like . They search 100's of car rental and internet car booking companies. Saves me time and hassle. See my dedicated car rental tips page on how to get the best Italy or Rome Car Rental deal with just one click!


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Check that breakdown service and collision waver are included.

If you are already a member of an internationally affiliated organization (like AA in Great Britain or AAA in USA) and you do break down, heaven forbid (and that shouldn't happen unless you rent a Fiat ... via veneto smiley ), you can also phone the ACI - Automobile Club d'Italia (Italian Automobile club, Tel 803 116) who will assist you free of charge wherever you may be.

Note: Minimum age is 21 and if this is the case you must have a valid license issued at least a year previously. If you are from outside the EU some Rome car rental companies may ask for an International drivers license like AA or similar (confirm this beforehand).

Travel in Italy - the city centers

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I like to think that driving in Rome is entertaining. Apparently there are laws of the road, but most Italians rarely pay attention.

On this point, however, the default rule of "when in Rome..." does not apply to tourists, anyway, not until you have mastered the Italian "air of non chalance"!

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If you do find yourself driving in the center of Rome pay special attention to these signs: "Varco Attivo" and "Varco Non Attivo".

When "Varco Attivo" is lit only residents or vehicles with special permits are allowed. "Varco non attivo" is when normal vehicles ARE permitted.

For more information about parking garages, rates etc. see my driving in Rome page, in the questions and answers section.

Travel in Italy - beyond the city centers

Car travel in Italy beyond the city centers can be a pleasant and rewarding experience and most of what's inspiring about Italy is usually found off the main routes.

Remember that the month of August is when most of Italy is on vacation and on the roads. Outside of this period I have found travel in Italy no more stressful or taxing than in other European countries, during August, it's ugly out there, you have been warned!

Filling up.

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Petrol prices vary considerably between petrol stations. We have found AGIP to be the cheapest.

You can further save yourself a few cents per liter by filling up your Rome Car Rental yourself. Look for the "Fai da te" signs - self service - and do it yourself.

Most larger stations have them, make sure you fill up in that section of the petrol station. "Servito" means served, and you will pay the premium price.

"Benzina senza piombo" means unleaded petrol (or gas, for our American cousins) and comes either standard (green pumps) or super (a couple of cents more).
"Gasolio" means diesel, and usually costs a few cents less than Benzina. Blue pumps are standard and black pumps (a few cents more) are extra cleaned super diesel.

Rental Cars Italy: Save money on your Italy or Rome car rental.

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