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"...we asked the agent in Florence some basic questions about vacation rentals Florence Italy, all communications ceased from their side. I think we avoided a potentially problematic situation. Thanks RomanLIfe for your apartment rental in Florence page!"

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Hotel in Florence near the Medici Chapel
Highly Recommended:

Firenze Number Nine: This hotel is located in the heart of the historic centre of Florence and is central to most of the city`s major attractions. The hotels boasts a spa and a massage facility.
Annalisa and the rest of the staff are friendly and helpful.

The rooms are large, modern and peaceful, and there are some fantastic restaurants, bars and night life in the immediate vicinity. (Ask the staff for suggestion.)

Firenze Number Nine receives consistent good reviews.
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1865 Residenza D'Epoca: This boutique guesthouse is located on a quiet street on the east side of Florence, near the Synagogue and the Sant'Ambrogio area. The are only 5 rooms (each one dedicated to a famous author), that offer a good combination between the historical aspects (frescoed ceilings) and the modern and luxurious ones.

The guesthouse is run by its very helpful owners, Michele and Cinzia.
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Florence Rental Accommodations near the Duomo and the Uffizi Gallery

Signoria Apartments: Located just a few step from the Piazza della Signoria, these apartments are modern, bright and offer private balconies with city views. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and Danilo the host is always available to help.

Note: The apartments are divided between two buildings. Only one has a lift. So if you prefer, ask to be placed in an apartment with the lift, or otherwise check your floor number.
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Florence Italy Accommodation Rental located in the Artist Quarter (Oltrarno)

Orlando Palace Apartments: There are 7 apartments in this 16th century building just outside the historic centre, and within easy reach of the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio as well as the Pitti and the Uffizi Palace.

All the rooms are modern, fresh and well equipped, and yet they have managed to preserve an antique feel.

Tip: Ask to be placed in one of the rooms on the second floor with frescoed ceilings.
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Florence is an extremely popular tourist destination in Italy, especially during the spring and autumn (fall) and most tourists scramble straight for a hotel booking in Florence, but vacation rentals Florence Italy offer good value for money, and they are spacious, private, independent, quieter and a lot more convenient for most.


What to budget for vacation rentals Florence Italy


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Certainly stylish vacation rentals Florence Italy can present a challenge to the budget, but that being said prices of vacation apartments in Florence range upwards of only 300 euros per week. If you consider the average price of hotel rooms in Florence then vacation rentals florence Italy can offer fantastic value for money.

Apartments in Florence vary greatly in size, style and furnishings and it goes without saying that the more modern and elaborately furnished, the higher the price tag you can expect. Some apartment rentals in Florence Italy even boast authentic antique furnishings and decor in the Tuscan style.

Most apartments come equipped with a washer and dryer, linen, and bedrooms are usually listed as “double” or “single." However, be cautioned, the double in Europe is more like a single in the ex-colonial territories. If you want a comfortable sized bedroom you need to confirm that it's a really large or king-sized bedroom. (Utilities are usually included in the price.)

A Florence Italy rental is usually by the week but you can also find apartments priced on a daily rate. There are usually separate prices according to the various peak and quieter tourist seasons.


The compact historical centers in Europe

Historical centers in Europe are usually quite compact with narrow streets and little parking, taking that into account the apartments in Europe are similarly smaller than what, say, the ex-colonial countries may be used to. Cooking is a passion in Italy and kitchens are usually a fair representation of this - a good size and well stocked. The family usually gathers in the living room, which is the dining room, lounge and sitting room all rolled into one.

The advantage of being situated in the center of Florence

Everything you would expect to find in a beautiful Italian historical center (great restaurants, designer stores, sizzling nightlife, beautiful sights) you can find in the center of Florence. The city's impressive cultural heritage, art and architecture will be at your finger tips. Certainly there are many exciting Florence tourist attractions on your list, but these should be at the top:

  • The Florence Dome (il Duomo) and its beautiful view over Florence. for art lovers,
  • the Uffizi, home to the greatest collection of renaissance art in the world, ( over 1700 paintings and 300 sculptures).

For more advice on what to check and ask about your holiday apartment in Florence and Italy visit our Rome Vacation Apartments page.

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For more tips and advice about what to confirm before booking your vacation rentals Florence Italy see Florence Italy rental.

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Hotel Dei Macchiaioli
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