The Trevi Fountain Rome: Hotels, Map, Sights

The Trevi Fountain Rome Area is characterized by its narrow cobbled streets filled with ice cream shops, restaurants and throngs of people. It has its own unique feel and charm, almost as if you are in a village of Rome rather than Rome City Center.

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Trevi Fountain Rome at night
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Street Map of the Trevi Fountain Rome Area street map rome italy trevi fountain rome
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The street map above connects with the Spanish Steps, Via Veneto, Quirinal and Pantheon street maps. You can view all of the Street Maps of Rome together. )

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The Trevi Fountain is the most famous fountain in Rome and perhaps in the world. It's the focal point of the Trevi area and difficult to miss as you only need to follow the buzz of the crowds that populate the fountain almost any hour of the day.

In the life span of Rome, the Trevi Fountain, comparitively speaking, is merely a baby. Finished in 1762, the design by Nicola Salvi features Neptune and a pair of Tritons and sea-horses on either side. The triton on the left struggles to subdue his sea-horse while on the right the sea-horse is calm; a metaphor for the changing moods of the sea.

The 'Fontana di Trevi' has been featured in many films, the most famous scene coming from Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" when Anita Ekberg bathes in the fountain.
I certainly wouldn't recommend repeating the scene, even in the scorching heat of Summer. The Carabinieri will be on you quicker than you can say "Scusa!" There is a reason why the fountain is so protected, over and above the obvious historical beauty and value, and the fact that it fills up with about €14.000 of coins weekly....

In Octover 2007 a man threw red dye into the fountain to protest against expenses incurred by the Rome Film Festival. We thought it looked quite Christmassy, but that's just us via veneto smiley

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Shopping in the Trevi Fountain Rome area: Vini, Vidi, VISA.

There are plenty of shopping opportunities in the Trevi Fountain Rome area, but you're so close to the 'Mecca' for shopaholics - Piazza di Spagna (Spanish Steps) - that you can almost smell the big Italian brands. Go on, get over there!
My Shopping in Rome Italy page has more tips and advice.


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Getting to and from the Trevi Fountain Rome area.

The Trevi Fountain area is well connected with Rome public transport..

Rome Metro: The closest Metro station is at Piazza Barberini (Via Veneto area) about a 5 minute walk from Trevi Fountain. (See our Trevi Fountain Area map at the top of this page.)

From Barberini you can either head across the Tevere towards the Vatican City or in the other direction towards the nearby Termini Station. At Termini you can change Metro lines (from A to B) and then travel to the ancient Roman Colosseum, Circus Maximus or Piramide.
For more information about the Metro see my dedicated page on the Rome Metro.

Rome buses:

  • From Via del Corso you can take the No. 117 Bus to the Roman Forum and Colosseum.
  • Good tip: From Via del Tritone the 116 Electric bus will take you to Piazza Barberini up Via Veneto and through the Villa Borghese Gardens, and in the other direction it will head down past the Roman Pantheon, Piazza Navona and finally to the front door of the Vatican City before heading back to the Trevi fountain area!
  • Alternatively the 119 electric bus, which you can catch from Via del Tritone or Via del Corso, will head towards Piazza Venezia and Piazza di Campo dè Fiori in one direction and then Piazza del Popolo in the other direction.

For more about the buses in Rome see my dedicated page Rome buses and Rome public transport.

Rome taxi: There is an official taxi rank at Piazza Barberini but however you will find many hovering around the main streets around the Trevi Fountain (Via del Tritone, Via del Corso). All official taxis must display a taxi sign on the roof and a number on the side. I suggest that you only use official taxis to avoid getting ripped off.

Rome tourist buses: There are three main stops for most of the tourist buses (refer to the Rome Trevi street map at the top of the page) these would be on Via del Tritone, Via del Corso and the intersection of the two.

Why not hop on there, the Rome tour buses are a great introduction to the city and the easiest way to find your bearings and choose your must-dos for your next lap around.

Note: If you have not heard about it already on my site then the ATAC public transportation in Rome site has a great tool to calculate the quickest route from point A to point B anywhere in Rome (using Rome public transport). When you arrive at the website click on the English language option to the right. Fill in your departure address and arrival address.

For more information visit public transportation in Rome Italy and its related pages:
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Restaurants and nightlife: the Trevi Fountain Rome area.

For your meals stay very far from the squares (piazzas) and touristy areas, they offer overpriced and mediocre food - which in Rome constitutes a crime! Although the icecreams (even in the tourist areas) are still pretty good.
If the restaurant has a menu in only Italian, all the better. Eat local and you will eat like a prince in Rome.

The area is not known for its Rome nightlife, if you want to try out those "sure thing" one liners that you learnt in the Romantic Italian Phrases section then a smooth talker like you needs to head down to the Piazza Navona, Campo dè Fiori and Trastevere areas.

For more advice about Rome nightlife and eating out in Rome visit my Rome restaurants page and also the Rome restaurant guide for advice and tips from visitors to this site, and finally the Rome nightlife tips page.

You can also find hotels near the Trevi Fountain with our Trevi hotels map.

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Trevi Fountain Rome

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Anita Ekberg in
"La Dolce Vita"

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