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hotel near trevi fountain rome Relais Fontana Di Trevi: Location! A very rare blend of tranquility and location in Historic Rome. Very efficient friendly staff, clean spacious rooms and plentiful breakfast on roof terrace overlooking Trevi Fountain!
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hotel near trevi fountain Spagna Royal Suite: Close to Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, most tourist attractions and Shopping. Efficient friendly staff and beautiful clean quiet rooms.
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Distances from the Trevi fountain area to Rome tourist attractions:

  • Pantheon  0,6 km (0,4 miles)
  • Vatican 2,3 km (1,5 miles)
  • Colosseum 1,5 km (0,9 miles)
  • Closest metro : Piazza Barberini 0,5 km (0,3 miles)


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Trevi fountain Rome hotel list (hotels marked with * have received consistent excellent reviews):

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Hotel Name Stars Our Hotel
Location More info
Accademia Hotel Rome Italy 3   Trevi fountain INFO
Bolivar Hotel Rome Italy 4   Trevi fountain INFO
Cosmopolita Hotel Rome Italy 4* Cosmopolita review Trevi fountain INFO
Dei Borgognoni Hotel Rome 4*   Trevi fountain INFO
Delle Nazioni Hotel Rome 4*   Trevi fountain INFO
Fontana Hotel Rome Italy 3 Fontana review Trevi fountain INFO
Regno Hotel Rome Italy 4   Trevi fountain INFO
Relais Fontana di Trevi Rome Italy 4* Relais review Trevi fountain INFO
Trevi Hotel Rome Italy 3 Trevi review Trevi fountain INFO
Tritone Hotel Rome 3 Tritone review Trevi fountain INFO
White Hotel Rome Italy 4   Trevi fountain INFO

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