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Is it easy to find nightclubs and bars close or even in your hotels in Rome Italy? What are some activities in Rome, where is the Rome nightlife?

"Hello, we are a group of 15 no. 18 year old greek students are going to rome for a 5 day excursion. Can anyone tell us where we can go to have fun at night?
We have a day program but our evenings are fine and surely we will want to go out. Thanks."

Marcus from Roman life Rome Italy says: For things to do in Rome Italy - nightlife, restaurants, cafes, clubs, pubs etc. it would be advantageous to be in the center of Rome.

For your specific age group I would suggest the areas around the Piazza di Campo de Fiori (in the Campo de Fiori area) also around Piazza della Rotonda (in the Pantheon area), and then also the Trastevere area - just across the Tevere (Tiber river) from Campo de Fiori.
Visit the Rome Italy map page for more information about the areas of central Rome - transport, sights, shopping etc.

All three areas are close to one another and within easy walking distance.

Depending on what time of the year you are visiting (but Rome is busy even in winter) you will see plenty (plenty) of people in your age group around the Piazzas and streets of these areas.

There is the area of Testaccio as well, it is a little further outside of Rome (beyond the city walls) there are plenty of clubs and pubs, but to be honest I find the area a little rough, and much prefer the previous areas I mentioned.

If you are going to be in Rome Italy the weeks before or after Christmas you will be fortunate because the "Comune di Roma - have just launched the "Roma città Natale" - "Rome Christmas city".
There will be musical and cultural events throughout Rome celebrating Christmas.

Simone says: Just go the Spanish Steps and ask any of the young people that gather there. There are lots of places throughout the city that you can go and have fun.

Phil S says: Well in Summer most Romans head out of Rome for the clubs along the beachfront in Ostia, however, now we are in Winter.
I enjoy the areas like Trastevere, the Piazza of Campo dè Fiori and perhaps Testaccio. Testaccio has plenty of options but I find the area seedy.

But my favorite areas of Rome center are Trastevere and Campo dè Fiori (and the Pantheon zone not far behind).

Monna says: Hello, in Rome there are many nightclubs. the area I prefer is around Trastevere, Testaccio and Ostiense: these are full of clubs, pizzerias and a very interesting nightlife :)

I was in Rome 3 month ago. I asked for something like you, I find a modern guesthouse in Trastevere area that was very very lovely.

Sanchez says: At night we go to a place called Testaccio, there are clubs and bars everywhere and that's where the Romans go.

Sinclair says: the Nightlife in Rome Italy is great! Best places to go for sure are Campo de' Fiori, Trastevere, Navona Square, via Tor Millina Street (behind Piazza Navona), Ostia Beach and along the Tiber River.

Heidi says: I was in Rome in October and we went to a great club called La Maison on a Thursday night (I had been told before that it was a good night to go). We were lucky though as we met some people that knew the owner and we got to go straight in and not wait in line or to pay to get in. Plus the line was pretty long by the looks of it.

Agrip says: Campo de Fiori, Testaccio (as most have already said) are very very lively neighborhoods. Campo de fiori has mostly pubs and lounge cocktail bars. Testaccio has a looong street with clubs all across the way :)
And to name some clubs: la maison, art cafè and Spazio Novecento...

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Things to do in Rome Italy - Nightlife

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Things To Do In Rome Nightlife

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