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Our street maps Rome Italy page will help you to orientate yourself better with regards to central Rome. The position of the map is correct according to the compass, the top of the map is North and the left is West.

The Tiber/Tevere river (the thick blue line) flows from the top (North) and in a South Westerly direction into the Mediterranean.

Because Italy more or less lies on a North West to South East direction Milan would then be in a North North-West direction.


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Street Maps Rome Italy: Click on an area to view its transport options and sites of interest.


For a brief description of the central Rome areas use the Rome area guide, alternatively use the top right table for a detailed description of the areas.



Google Street Maps Rome Italy: Central Rome areas and the main Rome Tourist attractions.

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• Aventine hill
• Campo de Fiori
• Esquiline
• Pantheon
• Piazza del Popolo
• Piazza Navona
• Quirinal
• San Giovanni in Laterano
• Spanish Steps/Spagna
• Trastevere
• Trevi Fountain/Fontana
• Vatican
• Via Veneto

For an overview of the Central Rome areas see:
Guide to the areas of the Street Maps Rome Italy


Rome Italy Map: Satellite view of the zones of central Rome

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