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Most people search immediately for a hotel in central Rome but Apartments and Rome vacation rentals can be money saving, spacious, private, independent, quieter and more convenient.

Recommended Apartment Rentals Rome - Highest rated by Guest reviews

rome vacation rentals Patrizia Romana Palace: Very new apartments with big comfortable modern rooms (some have a large private balcony). Well equipped kitchen, parking available (not common for Rome), free Internet. Very good value, but there are limited public transport options.
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apartment rentals rome Home Suite Rome: Modern luxurious well equipped apartments in Historic building. Excellent location for exploring Historic Rome and its vibrant nightlife. Very helpful staff/owner. Good for family or couples.
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apartment rentals rome Case Doro Apartments: Comfortable apartment in charming area of Historic Rome, only a 2 minute walk to Trevi Fountain or the Pantheon. Fully equipped with Air Con and free WiFi.
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apartment rentals rome Le Residenze Romane Apartments: Large comfortable apartments in Historic Rome close to Metro. Friendly helpful staff. Well equipped including Air Con and free WiFi. (Ask for an apartment near the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.)
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As only a smaller percentage of tourists consider renting an apartment, you may find Rome holiday apartment rentals still available in high demand areas and during peak tourist times!
Eating out frequently at Rome Restaurants can damage the budget, and having your own cooking facilities can be a blessing.

Apartment Rentals Rome Italy: The best area in Rome.

Of course your experience of Rome can vary greatly according to where you book your Rome vacation rentals! For a better insight into the areas of Rome and before you book your Rome vacation rentals it may be advantageous to read my guide to the areas of Rome.

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Things you may want to confirm with your Rome vacation rentals:

  Air conditioning in Summer months! Rome can get really hot during summer with little breeze blowing through the center. Most Rome vacation rentals have them but do you want to be the one without?

  Heat in Winter? December, January and February can chill the most fanatical Rome tourists too. Do check whether your apartment has heating. Who controls the heating? In many apartment blocks in Rome the heating is 'regulated', i.e. not controlled by the individual apartments but rather by the "building" and comes on twice a day - mornings and evenings.

  • Reserve a quiet apartment, and if possible, a flat not facing any busy streets (although quiet apartments in Rome are like gold.)

  • How complete are the cooking facilities?

  • Is there enough light in the apartment?

  • If you need a land line check that the apartment has one.

  • If yours is a late flight are there extra charges for meet up after hours?

  • How often are the apartments maintained/cleaned?

  • NB: How far is the apartment from the rental agent's office?

  • Do you meet at the apartment or the rental agent's office? (You'll be surprised how many times folks think they're meeting at the apartment when instead they meet at the office.)

  • If you have to meet at the office will the agent supply you with transport to the apartment.

  • Finally, ask the agent to confirm all of your enquiries, and information not on their web site, in writing!

Enjoy your stay in Rome.
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