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Rome public transport: Rome Buses

These Rome public transport articles will explain the Rome bus routes, signs and stops, and help you to travel around easier using public bus transportation in Rome...

Transportation in Rome: Buses

public transportation in rome buses

ATAC is the Rome public bus and tram company. The system for both Rome buses and trams are identical, except the tram signs are easier to read (there are less options).

Rome bus stops are clearly marked with big bright orange/yellow panels outside the city walls and white signs with black text inside the city center:

public transportation rome buses
  • The bust stop signs are divided into vertical columns with street names in black beginning with the bus numbers in red at the top.

  • The name of your road position is marked in bright red somewhere down the vertical list.

  • All the names below your red name are where the bus still has to go.

  • A heading "Notturna" signifies Rome night buses.

  • Note: You have to time stamp your own ticket by means of the little orange machines in the buses.

Rome city center is very well connected with bus routes. ATAC have a map of the Rome bus routes, a little daunting at first (ahem - I had to ask my wife to explain it to me...) to say the least.
First zoom in to the required area, then trace the route of a particular bus number:

  • Tram lines are shown in green (week days and holidays only).
  • Black lines signify buses operating week days and holidays only.
  • Blue lines signify buses operating weekdays only.
  • Red lines signify buses operating weekends and holidays only.
  • Blocks with numbers inside signify main bus terminals for the displayed numbers.

At some of the bus stops you will find a digital display informing you of the next buses arrival time and number. Almost all the buses operating in the Rome center have GPS installed and their positions monitored.

Rome public transport: Electric Buses

The Rome electric buses are small and go where the larger buses can't or aren't allowed to go. The electric buses come in very handy if you are staying in areas like Campo dè Fiori, Pantheon, Piazza Navona and others where there are no Metro connections, trams or buses.

The clickable street map of Rome Italy below shows the main electric bus routes that are running consistently and 7 days a week.

ATAC have a downloadable city map of Rome Italy with electric bus routes that show some of the extra non-frequent routes.

Rome public transport: Night Buses (Notturna)

public transportation rome night buses

The night buses are indicated by an "N" in front of the numbers on the buses and an "N" on the signs at the bus stops. Notturna - meaning nocturnal. View the ATAC street map rome italy for the routes of the night buses through the center of Rome.

They run from 11:50Pm until 5:00Am Sunday to Thursday and pass every 15 to 30 minutes on average. On friday and Saturday from 1:00Am until 5:30Am and pass every 15 minutes.

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