Rome public transportation: The Rome Metro (Roma Metro) and the Rome Metro Map.

The quickest Rome public transport is the Rome Metro, however the Roma Metro is not well connected, and unless your Rome accommodation is near the stops you may find Rome buses a better option. These articles will help you discover how best to get around with the Rome Metro...

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There are two Roma Metro lines: The Orange A and the Blue B. Termini is the main rail station, and also where the 2 Metro lines cross. (There is a 3rd line, Line C, which is under construction and due for completion in 2012 - Italy time.)

Roma Metro operating times are from 5:30 Am until 11:30 Pm all days except Saturdays when it closes at 12:30PM. Trains stop at stations on average every 5 minutes.
For enquiries Tel. 06 57 531 or visit the MetroRoma - Rome Metro website. There is also an english version.

Rome Metro Map

The map of the Rome Metro below is something I designed, as for most people the masses of lines on the official Roma Metro website makes little sense. (If you want to give the official MetroRoma map a shot you can visit it on the website link above. Click on "Maps and Lines" at the top left of their page.)

My Rome Metro Map shows the positions of the stations in relation to the areas in the center of Rome. At least this way you can see how close your Rome accommodation is in relation to a Roma Metro station.

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