Rome floods pictures.

These Rome floods pictures were taken on the 13th December 2008 at the Tevere River. Click the images for a full size photo.

Some of the boats that broke free from their moorings ended up wedged against Ponte Sant' Angelo. The fire services were ordered to dismantle the boats
rome floods images
A fatally damaged house boat. Castel Sant' Angelo is in the background.
Looking upstream at Ponte Sant' Angelo. the fire services are dismantling the stranded boats at Ponte Sant' Angelo.
Looking downstream at the Ponte Sant' Angelo from the Ponte Umberto..

The Isola Tiberina, which has a hospital and a church, (Tiber island) is inundated with water.
The island sits between the areas of Trastevere and Campo dè Fiori.

Looking upstream at the Ponte Sisto when the TIber River is at its normal levels.

Looking upstream at Ponte Sisto after the Rome floods.

It's difficult to appreciate the height, but bear in mind that those little figures on top of the bridge are people.

Flotsam and Jetsam.
Looking downstream during the Rome flooding at Ponte Cestio which connects Tiber Island (Isola Tiberina) with Trastevere.

Return to the article about the Rome Floods. However, if you're now concerned about the weather for your Rome holiday via veneto smiley then view information about the Climate in Rome Italy.

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