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Below you will find a list of 5 Star Luxury Hotels Rome Italy. Any Rome 5 star hotel included in the list is located in central Rome areas and has been screened by us. In addition we use HotelsCombined, Tripadvisor and to get you the best rate for 5 Star Luxury Hotels Rome Italy.

Recommended Hotels in Navona (near the Pantheon) - Highest rated hotels by Guests

hotel near quirinal repubblica The Hotel Majestic Roma is an extraordinary hotel that offers the best of Rome in the legendary Via Veneto area (see Fellini's 'La Dolce Vita'). The location is quiet yet close to history, culture and more. The friendly helpful staff will make this is a pleasurable and unique adventure in Rome.
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hotel navona near rome pantheon The Gigli D'oro Suite is where we usually get friends and family to stay when we have a 'full house'. It's a historic homely hotel in a fantastic location near Piazza Navona. The friendly staff go out of their way to recommend restaurants and give information about current events and entertainment in Rome.
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hotel near quirinal Spagna Royal Suite: On Trevi Fountain side of Quirinal. Close to Spanish Steps, most tourist attractions and Shopping. Efficient friendly staff and beautiful clean quiet rooms.
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Also to be considered: Hotel Raphael Relais & Chateaux
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Find your Rome 5 Star Hotel / Luxury Hotels Rome Italy below according to central Rome areas. Hotels marked with 5* have received consistent excellent reviews:

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Hotel Name Stars Our Hotel Review Location More info
Aldrovandi Palace Hotel Rome 5   Villa Borghese INFO
Ariston Hotel Rome 5   Esquiline area INFO
Art Spanish Steps Hotel Rome 5 Art hotel review Spanish Steps /Popolo area INFO
Eden Hotel Rome 5*   Veneto Area INFO
Forty Seven Hotel Rome Italy 5*   Campo de Fiori area INFO
Grand Hotel De La Minerva Rome Italy 5   Piazza Navona/ Pantheon area INFO
Grand Parco dei Principi Hotel Rome Italy 5*   Villa Borghese INFO
Grand Plaza Hotel Rome Italy 5 Grand plaza hotel review Spanish Steps /Popolo area INFO
Hassler Hotel Rome 5   Spanish Steps /Popolo area INFO
Intercontinental De La Ville Hotel Rome 5   Spanish Steps /Popolo area INFO
La Griffe Luxury Hotel Rome 5   Quirinal INFO
Locanda Senatorum Hotel Rome 5   Piazza Navona/ Pantheon area INFO
Lord Byron Hotel Rome Italy 5* Lord Byron Review Villa Borghese INFO
Majestic Hotel Rome 5*   Veneto area INFO
Margutta 54 Hotel Rome 5   Spanish Steps /Popolo area INFO
Residence Barberini Hotel Rome 5   Veneto area INFO
Rose Garden Palace Hotel Rome 5*   Veneto area INFO
Sofitel Hotel Rome Italy 5   Veneto area INFO
Splendide Royal Hotel Rome 5* Splendide Review Spanish Steps /Popolo area INFO
St George Hotel Rome Italy 5   Campo de Fiori INFO
Westin Excelsior Hotel Rome 5* Westin Review Veneto area INFO

5 star luxury hotels Rome Italy: Screened hotels

All of the 5 Star Luxury Hotels Rome Italy on the above list have been through a screening process. We have compared independent tourist reviews, service, price and value for money of more than 1000 hotels in Central Rome.

While it's not humanly possible to guarantee you perfect accommodation in Rome we can and have done our best to only recommend 5 Star Luxury Hotels Rome Italy that have ranked high in both tourist reviews and value. (More reviews can be found when you click through the hotel links.)
We hope to save you from experiences like these, and note, these are actual Hotel reviews for "Rome 5 star hotels":

"Radisson SAS Hotel. I'd not stay here again. The bed was comfortable, but the room had no seating, only the bed. Difficult lighting, leaky shower with broken door. Huge cold lobby with inadequate seating. Many people sitting on suitcases or standing while waiting for an hour for a long-reserved room. Cool, unhelpful staff. Too far to walk anywhere and an unappealing neighborhood. No place to eat but in the hotel. Food was OK, but very expensive with scanty service. A poor start to a long-awaited Italian vacation. We stayed only one night...
- - -

"Very modern design and a huge lobby. The rooftop restaurant/bar is also very modern, the pool is just outside with modern lounge chairs but worn out. Here's the bad part: The hotel is next to a train station, even with the window closed you hear the trains and the announcements on the P.A. system. The heat inside the hotel is very high, about 27 C. Even after I turned off the heat I had to open the window, which faces directly to the other rooms so you lose your privacy and gain more the noise from the train station."

- - -
Cardinal Hotel St. Peter. Location is really bad. Downhill and two blocks later you may take the bus to the vatican. If you like walking you may do that for a good 30min. Other than that the please is ok. Breakfast is also included if you like coffee and juice from a hospital machine. If they had eggs they had no bacon or bacon but no eggs."

Unfortunately Hotel reviews for Rome like these are not uncommon! Hotels which have received complaints about cleanliness, staff efficiency, friendliness, faulty air con, smelly bathrooms, poor breakfast etc. have been gladly left off our list of 5 Star Luxury Hotels Rome Italy.

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