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Do you dream of conversing in German confidently and naturally and, of course, learning German quickly? There are so many Learn German Software courses on the internet nowadays that it's difficult understanding which products offer good quality and value. These Top Learn German Software reviews will help you to invest your time and money wisely...

Review 1:     Rocket German
Effectiveness Quality Ease of use Value

Rocket German

learn German software

learn German reviews

Company: Rocket German
Rank: #1
Cost: Instant Download: $99 OR Hard Goods: $299 plus shipping
Guarantee: 100% 60 days Money Back
Description: Rocket German is regarded as one of the best value for money German software courses available. Courses like Fluenz German and Tell Me More German can cost 2 or 3 times the amount, and other Comparable courses, like those by Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur, can set you back $500 or even $600!

Rocket German promise to get you to an intermediate level in just 2 months. They accomplish this through fun interactive games and audio lessons that utilize a variety of learning techniques.

The course consists of 5 different learning components: Interactive audio lessons, illustrated grammar lessons, listening exercises, word recall games and a verbs software game.
The online forum is also a valuable tool. Language teachers are active 24 hours a day and you can discuss any issues with them and other language students.

Purchase options: You can purchase either the hard copies or digital software. The software is more economical and can be downloaded to your computer immediately after payment (and transferred to Ipod, MP3, CD etc).


  1. A very active members only forum for questions and interaction with Rocket Language instructors and students.
  2. Free 6-day German Course (so you can see the learning style, lesson quality and structure up front).
  3. 60 day no questions asked money-back guarantee.


Final comments: Rocket German is a fun, captivating and professional German software course with a very impressive after sales and learning support system.

Rocket is widely regarded as THE German language course. It has quality, comprehesibility and value.

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What other people say about Rocket German:

saraI bought this software before a trip to Germany and wanted to learn it before leaving. The family had a lot of fun doing it together as there are tons of different exercises. It is very complete and extensive. The speaking activities are very useful and I truly feel I improved my pronunciation.
Amazon.com customer

saraRocket German is the most affordable and in my opinion the best product to learn German there is point blank period. It's what I've used personally and is excellent. It's $300 or so cheaper than Rosetta Stone.
Yahoo.com Answers Review

saraI had to live in Germany for a year so I took up Rocket German. It's a good learning package and it helped me to get by. I heard that the whole Rocket language series is good but I've only tried Rocket German. It's quite easy to learn and I enjoyed the natural way they present it.
ThisGermanforum.com - Learn German Forum

saraWe paired Rocket German up against the other top programs on the market today, and the clear winner was Rocket German. It is considerably cheaper than its competition (Fluenz, Tell Me More & Rosetta Stone) and offers exceptionally well written and spoken German lessons.

Review 2:     Berlitz German
Effectiveness Quality Ease of use Value

Berlitz German

learn German software

learn German reviews

Company: Berlitz German
Rank: #2
Cost: $39.95
Guarantee: 100% 6 Months Money Back!
Description: Berlitz German have been helping people learn languages for more than 130 years. Berlitz promise to get you conversing in German in just 30 days.

Berlitz offer 3 learning methods:

  • Visual lessons on your PC or Mac
  • Audio CDs which you can listen to in your car or wherever
  • Load lessons to an iPod or media player

Some features of the Berlitz Learn German Course include:

  1. The ability to practice your Accent with Advanced Speech Recognition
  2. Fun Interactive Games
  3. Watch and listen to videos of Native German Speakers in real-life situations
  4. Four Berlitz audio CDs, iPod exercises and Flash Cards
  5. Unlimited phone and email support

Final Comments: While nowhere nearly as comprehensive or polished as Rocket German, Berlitz German is an effective course for learning German Fast. The various learning techniques make the course enjoyable and quick moving.

We would rate Berlitz the best in its price range, but it should be noted that at just under half the cost of Rocket German it contains only a fraction of the course material.
If your primary goal is a cheap course to help with Travel then Berlitz Chinese may be the package for you.

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Review 3:     Rosetta Stone German
Effectiveness Quality Ease of use Value


Rosetta Stone

learn German online

learn German reviews

Company: Rosetta Stone
Rank: #3
Cost: $574.00
Guarantee: 100% Money Back
Description: Rosetta Stone offer a very comprehensive learn German software course backed by a solid reputation, however compared to Rocket German it's a lot less value for money.

Some concerns:

  • The full emersion teaching style is not suitable for all learner types (with no translations some students get lost).
  • There isn't any conversation until level 2
  • To use the product you need to be online so it would not be possible to listen in the car or load it to an mp3 player.
Final comments: While the Rosetta Stone learn German course is an excellent product with a solid reputation, Rocket German have set the bar at least 2 rungs higher. Rosetta Stone is a product that you either love or hate.

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About the Reviewers:

beginner italian guide

Marcus Ruhl is the owner of RomanLife-RomeItaly.com and co-author of 'Quick Italian Guide', a guide outlaying the fundamentals of how to learn Italian fast. He has lived in many countries including New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Germany and Italy and speaks 5 different languages: English, Afrikaans, German, Spanish and Italian.

As a past language student he is very familiar with many video, audio and online study methods and what helps new language students to learn in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Sara Sirolli is native Italian, born in Rome, and is co-writer of RomanLife-RomeItaly.com and co-author of 'Quick Italian Guide'.
She is fluent in English, Italian and German and has taught Italian and German language to English students for many years.

About these Learn German Course Reviews

In total we reviewed 12 Learn German Software Courses based on:

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Quality
  • Course Effectiveness
  • Bonuses
These are the other learn German software courses (in no particular order) which didn't make our Top 3:

• Pimsleur German
• German learning suite
• Teach me German
• Fluenz German
• Lingo German
• Berlitz German
• Learn any Language
• Powerglide German
• Tell me more German

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