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The best way to truly connect with the exciting Italian Culture is to learn the Italian language. For me there's nothing more rewarding than going to an Italian restaurant and ordering from the Italian waiters or waitresses in Italian. Sometimes the looks on my friend's faces are priceless...

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This section is in response to the many requests I receive for Romantic Italian love phrases and Italian love quotes.

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Now for some hot & even hotter Italian love phrases, and some very short Italian love quotes too (10 characters or less). Perfect length phrases to have engraved on a ring or other italian jewelry...

Very short romantic Italian love phrases (2 or 3 word Italian love quotes)

  • per sempre - forever

  • per sempre tua - forever yours

  • mai soli - never alone

  • per sempre insieme - forever together

  • Luce mia - my light

  • Tesoro mio - my treasure

  • Vita mia - my life

  • Senza fine - never ending

  • Pazza di te - crazy for you

  • Anima mia - my soul

  • Ti amo - I love you

  • Amo solo te - I love only you

  • Sei incredibile - You're incredible

  • Sei bellissima -. you're beautiful

  • Sei la mia rosa - you are my rose

  • Solo tua - only yours

  • Solo tu - only you

  • Vita mia - My life

  • Per sempre - For ever

  • Amore mio - My beloved

  • Sei un dono - you are a gift

  • Amore ti amo - I love you my love

  • Ti adoro - I adore you

  • Sei stupenda - you're fantastic

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Hot & Spicy Italian love phrases and Italian love quotes

  • Facciamo l'amore - let's make love

  • Voglio fare l'amore con te - I want to make love with you

  • Sei cosi seducente - you are very seductive

  • il tuo corpo è bellissimo - your body is hot

  • Voglio scopare - I want to f***

  • Mi fai eccitare - you turn me on

    italian love phrases
  • Ho perso il mio "mojo" - I lost my Mojo (Austin Powers)

  • Ti faccio eccitare bambina? - Do I make you horny baby? (Austin Powers)

  • Voglio farlo - I want to do it

  • "Voglio farlo" and add the place: Sulla lavatrice on the washing machine, nell' ascensore - in the elevator, sul letto della tua matrigna - on your stepmother's bed, in macchina - in the car etc. etc.

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Sweeter Italian Love Phrases and Italian love quotes

  • Tu sei l'unico per me - you're the only one for me

  • Non posso vivere senza di te - I can't live without you

  • Ti penso sempre - I'm always thinking about you.

  • Sei il mio eroe - you're my hero

  • Sono dipendente dei tuoi baci - I'm addicted to your kisses

  • Sei la mia vita -You are my life

  • Sei il migliore - you're the best

  • io e te mai soli - you and me never alone

  • io e te per sempre - you and me for ever

  • Sei tutto cio' di cui ho bisogno - you're everything I need

  • Sei tutto per me - you're everything for me

  • Sei il mio incantesimo - you're my enchantment

  • Tu sei il sole del mio giorno - you are the sunshine of my day

  • Sono pazzo di te - I'm crazy about you

  • Che cosa desideri? - What is your desire?

The best way to truly connect with your Italian friends, family, and loved one's culture
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