Many would like to earn money from a website...but few know how. So how do websites make money?

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So how did I manage to earn money from a website? Well, as the saying goes: "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", I had to become self-sufficient so that's what I did!

how do websites make money

Having just moved to Europe with my Italian wife and preferring the much warmer Mediterranean climates (if you're going to change continents then at least pick the place with the great climate, right?!) I found myself in Iove with both Spain and Italy. Problem: Nobody spoke my lingo!

So, whereas in my country of birth I was a very employable Civil Engineering technologist I was now very unemployable, in a country quite indifferent to my qualifications or skills, and on top of that I could hardly speak the language! (I was good at Civil Engineering but didn't miss it, I needed a radical life change - new continent, new job, new adventures...)

I needed to become employable and make money quick! At that stage I had an Avatar on Yahoo Q&A (Yahoo questions and answers) and was answering tourist questions about Rome, and honestly speaking that's about as far as my knowledge of the internet went (that and being able to open a Yahoo or Gmail account).

I did internet searches for how do websites make money and earn money from a website but it was frustrating bouncing back and forth between Spam, Get-Rich-Quick-Schemes and gimmicks for making thousands of $$ with Adsense spam sites or Clickbank Adwords programs etc. etc. Let me not mince words here, I didn't/don't have the time for that %&$T. Call me old fashioned, but I still believe what you put in you get out.

After some regular searching, the name Site Build It! kept appearing and my interest was tweaked, at the same time that cautious voice in my head said "Be careful". I did some more research and understood wrongly that they offer a means for you to easily build a web site (I'll explain later, but they offer much more than that). "Interesting", I thought, as I had for a long time wanted to build my own website but didn't have the technical knowledge or even a clue where to start!

After communications with the Site Build it! team I discovered that my initial understanding about Site Build It! was incorrect. Not only do they offer the information and means to build a website (for Techie challenged and experts alike) but also a web business - a very different concept from building only a web site!
I was getting closer to have my burning question answered, "How do websites make money?".

At this stage I was in regular contact with the Site Build It! support team their advice was that if I was prepared to commit the time and effort I would succeed, it was not a get rich quick scheme, quite the opposite and required a lot of work (this was exactly what I wanted to hear).

After weeks of procrastination I decided to give it a go. The final factor that aided me was their money back guarantee which I was fully prepared to use.

Anyway, it was a lot of work, some reading, but mostly following video instructions (the course is even offered at universities in the States) and the rest, as they say, is history. In a very short space of time (if you consider a year short) I'm my own boss I travel and work where I like while my online business continues to make money 24/7!


How do websites make money: Common Site Build it! concerns

  • I don't have the technical knowledge of the Internet!
    Neither do the majority of SBi'ers. Remember, Site Build It! handle all the techie stuff with their unique block building system allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff, like building great content.

  • I'm too old!
    Site Build It! have their own over 50s club which is chock-a-block with members!

  • I missed the whole internet generation thing!
    Yup, join the club. That's the whole point! Site Build It! is made for people with zero internet experience, plus super-tech-nerds alike, who can upload their own HTML. Don't know what "upload your own HTML" means, fantastic, you don't need to!


So if you're like me via veneto smiley and you need to hear it from at least a few other people before you begin to believe it then you have many options:

  • Contact the Site Build It! advisor group, they know Site Build It! inside-out. They will do their best to answer your questions.

  • From the horses mouth - SiteSell's home page.

  • All about Site Build it!

  • or you still don't have enough proof (Goodness, you must learn to be a little more trusting, like me via veneto smiley) see this success story of a work-at-home mom using SBI:

"I have two web sites now, and Iím constantly adding new ideas. I hope you enjoy my web site as much as Iíve had building it!"



  • or this work at home dad:

"Have fun and see you in the Site Build it! forums."

- Marcus, RomanLife



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