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The Rome hotel map below will make finding a hotel in central Rome a lot easier. After clicking on a Central Rome area you will then be shown all the hotels for that central Rome area. All Rome hotels included in our lists have been screened by us. In addition we use use HotelsCombined, Tripadvisor and to get the best rate for any hotel in central Rome.

If you're not certain in which central Rome area you would like to book your accommodation then visit our Central Rome map and area guide for more information about the Central Rome areas (what transport, activities, attractions, nightlife, etc. is available).

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Screened Central Rome Hotels

All hotels listed on this site have been through a screening process. We have compared independent tourist reviews, service and value for money for over 1000 hotels in Central Rome. Hotels which have received complaints about staff efficiency or friendliness, cleanliness, faulty air con or heating, smelly bathrooms, poor breakfast etc. have been gladly left from our recommended Hotel in Central Rome list.

Combined with HotelsCombined, Tripadvisor and we have made every effort possible to provide a list of Hotels ranging from budget to luxury that offer the best service and value for money.

Visit my Booking Hotels in Central Rome page for advice on how best to use HotelsCombined, Tripadvisor and

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