Climate in Rome Italy: Best time to visit & what to expect from the weather in Rome Italy.

Generally speaking the climate in Rome Italy is consistent with the season you are in, that is to say, hot dry summers, wet chilly winters, and a very pleasant Spring and Autumn. These articles will help you discover the best time to visit Rome...

Due to Rome's proximity to the Mediterranean Sea (30 km or 18 miles from Rome's beach, Ostia) Rome is fortunate to have an extended summer either side of June and August.
It's not uncommon to have fine beach weather from the beginning of May right until the middle of October!

Fishing boats on beach at Cefalu Italy.
climate in rome italy

For the most agreeable weather in Rome Italy it's unanimous that Spring and Autumn are the most popular seasons. It's no coincidence therefore that these periods are also considered peak season for the Hotels in Central Rome. July and August, on the other hand, are when most of the population of Italy is concentrated along the coast.

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The discomfort from heat and humidity is highest during the months of July and August. The temperature graph above shows the average maximum daily temperatures. The freshest months are January and February although temperatures seldom drop below freezing and it's very rare that snow falls in Rome (perhaps once every 10 years or 15 years).

Update: Snow fell in Rome this year (Feb 12, 2010) just for one day, but it Was a fair bit of snow. I was quite excited (at first) but happy when it was mostly gone by the next day. Brrrr.

Climate in Rome Italy: What is Rome's climate?

It's a common misconception that the climate in Rome Italy is Mediterranean. While it is very close to it, it actually borders between Mediterranean and Temperate. The 2 major factors for this being, Rome's 30km distance (18 miles) from the sea at Ostia, and its proximity to the Apennines.

climate in Rome Italy

Rome's coast, which has the true Mediterranean climate, doesn't experience as large temperature swings as what Rome city does. In winter, temperatures along the coast are warmer (due to the immediate influence of the sea) than inland and in Summer, temperatures along the coast are cooler than inland.
The closer one gets to the Apennines the larger still can be the temperature swing in winter.

If you would like a detailed 4 day weather forecast (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit) visit our page: weather and climate in Rome Italy.

Climate in Rome Italy: Spring

Spring for most (including my wife and I) is the best time in Rome. There is an excited anticipation as everyone looks forward to the summer holidays, and of course, beach time.
Italy and Rome change into a different gear in Spring, not necessarily better or worse, just different. The fact that Rome's "feeling" changes throughout the year is another draw card in my book.

April can see some glorious clear skies and stable weather and heading into May it's time to shake out the summer wardrobe. By mid May rain is almost a thing of the past.

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Climate in Rome Italy: Summer

Summer is the season of (more) festivals and parties in Rome. You will find Romans eating, drinking and socializing in the Piazzas and cobbled alleyways of Rome. Life is bright, vibrant and exciting, how can one not enjoy oneself in Rome in Summer?! Everything culminates at "Ferragosto" (15th August) the main holiday for Italy.

In the center of Rome in July and August it can be unbearably hot for some. The payoff however is that most Romans are at the coast. The city is quieter and there is Much less traffic.

Make sure your hotel has air-conditioning, and take advantage of the hundreds/thousands of drinking fountains sprinkled throughout the center of Rome. Rome's drinking water is excellent! My wife's grandfather (a doctor) would always take a couple of liters back to his home in Abruzzo He said: "it's free and better than most mineral waters out the bottle".

Climate in Rome Italy: Autumn

Autumn in Rome can be quite mild. It's usually only around the beginning to middle of November that we'll start digging through our winter clothes. Until the middle of October it's usually still "dry" while the end of October and November sees the beginning of winter rains and chillier temperatures. Sunny cloudless skies are still common and the fresh clean air is glorious.

Don't think you're going to be alone touring Rome in Autumn. Until the end of November it's still tourist season.

Climate in Rome Italy: Winter

Rome in January and February can chill the bones but temperatures will rarely be sub-zero. Snow is extremely rare but rain is common and weather forecasts unpredictable at best. But many a tourist has left very happy as there always seems to be a respite where you can engage and complete your tourism duties.

Winter can be fun, especially in the periods before christmas and into the middle of January. Children (and adults) love the nativity scenes "Presepi", and the lights, music and toys that fill most Piazzas.

Make sure your Rome hotel has heating and bring at least one very warm coat and a rain coat. Umbrellas can be bought for a couple of Euros anywhere.

For a detailed 4 day weather forecast (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit) visit our page: weather and climate in Rome Italy.

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